Monday, October 10, 2016

Demons and Surrogates

July 21, 2015

Demons and Surrogates

            On my walk, I recalled that we (my husband and I), had “the news” on the TV, the day Bruce Jenner was given the Ashe Award for “courage”.  My husband asked, “Doracle, what do you think the future will be like?”

            No co-incidence, really, that on that same day, a young woman in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, was stabbed in the heart to death by a girl friend, over a sweater.  “The future will be brutal,” says Doracle. 

            The Greeks had the Gods on Olympus.  We have Hollywood and mass communication.  The news video cams scanned the audience (at the award ceremony), while Bruce gave threatening crocodile tears (reptilian?), scanned the immobile faces of young women unable to mask dismay.

            What will the future be?  Brutal, because demons have already been loosed and put into places of power (and places of power are not always overtly “political” as in public office).  Brutal, because the future for young women will be nothing more than to be surrogates.  Brutal, because the cowards of identity politics have grabbed shields of “science” to claim they can measure states of mind, and, demons that they are, are ruthlessly pushing females aside. 

            They love to measure, label and classify.  They seduce you with a false fear.  What, will they find a way to measure an emotion with “litmus” that will come out “pink” or “blue”, to prove their thesis of being able to classify states of mind as facts?  Litmus, to prove the stereotyping they pretend, by calling it science, not to do.

            I am an elder now, matriarch, so I can say what I want and not give a flying fuck what anybody thinks.  What will the future be?  Brutal.  Because two days later, the tabloids, magazines, news, fb, communication network, including word of mouth, tell the young women who are forbidden to speak on their own behalf, or name their own experience, “Behold, the choice of the White Gown! How could you young women presume to know better. Now you may (only) look to your role model who is from the camp of men, who now declare to know far better than you could ever aspire, what it really feels like to be a woman!”  If you don’t agree, there’s a label for that state of mind too.  You are so wrong.

            Demonologically, women do: 1.  ask each other “Come here often?” in change rooms; 2.  Call out for a tampon in the washroom booth; 3.  all the gods tell you now, be silent, you Surrogates!  You don’t know anything. 

            Since the demons were released some time ago, but faith had already been made completely passé, nobody who mattered noticed or was noticed.  They got into places of power, that is, to the youngest ones (remember, women are mere surrogates), to use their new “science of identifying and measuring feelings and states of mind”.  Silence, you Surrogates! 

            Yes, the future under demons will be brutal.  Just wait.  As “they” say, “Ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”  Stabbing for a sweater is the horizon for a surrogate.